Foot Massage — Hand and Foot Care in Alice Springs, NT

Hand and foot care in Alice Springs


Here at Revive Skin and Beauty, we offer services to improve the look of your hands or feet, while also providing you with a day of pampering. We provide hand and foot massages, as well as manicures and pedicures. While you probably already know that these treatments are highly relaxing, you may not know that they also have real benefits for your hands and feet. These can include and more youthful appearance, healthier nails and cleaner cuticles. You may also experience:

Younger and softer skin

Having your mani-pedi regularly will keep your skin soft and smooth while also enhancing the look of your nails. You will see less cracking and dryness, especially during the cool winter months when your skin is more prone to these issues.

Improved circulation

Do your hands or feet often feel cold to the touch? Or maybe you experience slight numbness and other uncomfortable symptoms? Having regular manicures and pedicures can actually improve the circulation in your extremities due to massaging during the treatment. This can improve the overall health and feeling of your hands and feet.

Healthier nails

It is no secret that your nails require ongoing maintenance to look their best. While nail health might not be at the top of your list, it should be. Unkempt nails are more prone to infections and other issues. Regular nail care can keep bacteria and fungi from taking root, encouraging the formation of new cells, so your nails may become stronger and longer the more you continue having them done.
As you can see, having your regular mani-pedi is about more than just keeping your nails looking good and having a day of relaxation - it's also good for your health and wellbeing. What better excuse to make your appointment today! We offer a full range of hands and feet services to ensure your nails and extremities look and feel their very best. We will cater our services to your unique needs so you can get the nail treatments you desire. Our staff is well trained and professional. Rest assured you are getting top-of-the-line services!

When you come in, we will go over what you want to achieve with your nails and provide tailored services to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.


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