IPL Treatments in Alice Springs


IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a non-invasive treatment used to remove hair, treat skin flushing, boost collagen and reduce the appearance of acne, freckles, age spots, scarring, wrinkles, broken capillaries and more. At Revive Skin & Beauty, we offer IPL treatments that are quick, painless and affordable!


Hair Removal

IPL treatments are ideal for the removal of unwanted hair, requiring a course of roughly 6 – 8 sessions to achieve optimal results that will leave you with smooth skin for a lifetime. Small maintenance treatments may also be required, but this can’t even be compared to the hassle of shaving and waxing!

Correcting Skin Tone

Sun spots, freckles, broken capillaries—we all have a few blemishes on our skin. At Revive Skin & Beauty, we offer a solution in the form of 4 – 6 IPL ­­­­­treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart for the best results. Whether on your hands, forearms, legs or chest, our trained therapists will correct your skin tone with quick, painless and affordable treatments.


Sun exposure is good for the soul. It can leave you feeling calm, comfortable and positively radiant. However, extended exposure will reduce the production of collagen in your skin leading to dryness and wrinkles. To improve your skin tone and minimise sun damage, book yourself a refreshing IPL treatment today. You will leave with a healthy glow and refined skin texture!

Redness Reduction

If you are concerned about the appearance of veins, broken capillaries, and red spots and flushing, you are not alone. In fact, more than 60% of the adult population reports the appearance of unsightly red blemishes on their skin. Our clinicians can treat you with 4 – 6 sessions to reduce redness and ensure the best possible outcome!

Skin Clearing

IPL has been shown to slow the production of oils that lead to acne and breakouts. That’s why we offer full treatments to clear your skin and reduce the appearance of spots, redness and pores in general. Results vary, but many people see an improvement after treatments. Book yourself an IPL skin clearing session today.