Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After — Laser Tattoo Removal in Alice Springs, NT

Laser Tattoo Removal in Alice Springs


The laser we use for the purposes of removing unwanted tattoos — the Ultralase Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser — delivers a focused beam of high-powered laser light to the skin. Attracted by darker colours found in the ink of the tattoo in preference to the lighter colour of the skin, the laser beam shatters the ink into fine particles.
These particles are then no longer visible to the eye and become small enough to be absorbed and removed by the body’s own natural filtration (lymphatic) system. Being specially designed for the purpose of tattoo removal, the Ultralase Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser fires its high-intensity laser light in only fractions of a second. This minimises any damage that could be caused by overheating the surrounding skin and hence any chance of scarring is greatly reduced.

Generally, treatments are quick and clients experience only minimal discomfort. The older the tattoo, the more treatments may be necessary. Different colours and more intricate designs may also require additional treatments.



Treatment Area
Consultation and test patch
2 cm x 2 cm
4cm x 4cm
8 cm x 4 cm
10 cm x 6 cm
12 cm x 8 cm
15 cm x 11 cm (A6 Area)
21 cm x 15 cm (A5 Area)
21 cm x 20 cm (2/3 A4 Area)
21 cm x 30 cm (A4 Area)
Full Price
$49 Redeemable upon cost of first treatment