Face Lifting — Massage and Facials in Alice Springs, NT

Massage and facials in Alice Springs


When it comes to soothing and rejuvenating facials, think Revive Skin & Beauty. Not only do we provide facials that leave your skin looking healthy, vibrant and youthful, we also offer Ginger&Me Mindfulness Sessions to keep your mind healthy as well. That’s because depression, stress and anxiety all have an effect on inflammatory responses in your body—affecting both your skin and your overall health.

Our skin treatments combined with a POWER-TUDE Mindfulness Session can improve your outlook, empower your mind and help you focus on the things that matter, all the while refreshing and reviving your skin! We provide Ginger&Me headsets with our facials so you can block out distraction and go willfully plunging into the calm waters of your mind.


Benefits of Ginger&Me Facials




As the largest organ in the body, your skin needs to be preserved and looked after with the utmost care. Our facials penetrate deep into the cells of your skin and protect it from external forces through the power of Omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This corrects signs of premature ageing, evens out skin tone, increases radiance and purifies your skin at the surface, leaving your face bright, youthful and free ingrained dirt and bacteria.


The modern world can be fast-paced and complicated, and the stress of taking on too many responsibilities will wear you down over time. We are often not truly present in the moment, living 5 steps ahead of everything we do. Mindfulness is about stopping and paying full attention to the moment you are in, observing your thoughts, feelings and all other perceivable sensations. This is a great way to let go of you stress feel a sense of calm.


Your power-tude is about finding the strength and self-love within to nurture your own needs. After all, you can’t help others until you help yourself. Control your behaviours, actions and reactions and sit in the driver’s seat of your own life! You get to choose your tude:

  • Attitude — the way you do life
  • Altitude — what you get out of life
  • Gratitude ­— how you acknowledge life’s blessings
  • Beautytude — the way you show up to life

A Ginger&Me Facial and Mindfulness Session is the right way to start.


Six Treatments to Support Skin and Mind Health



Signature Treatment

Give yourself a wholesome skin experience to leave yourself glowing from the outside and within! This Ginger&Me treatment is a one-off session designed for all skin types.

Age Defying

Youth is about the mind, as much as it is about the skin. This anti-aging powerhouse of a treatment uses Omege 3&6, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to give your skin a much-needed health boost while also increasing self-confidence!


Enlighten your skin and mind today. This treatment will leave your skin radiant, glowing and with even tone all over, empowering your state of mind and attitude.


Detox your mind and body with a treatment that decongests, purifies and rebalances the skin to minimise breakouts and blotchiness. Ensure clarity of both your skin and your outlook.


This treatment will hydrate your skin with an explosion of moisture, smoothing lines and wrinkles and supporting cell-to-cell communication. Enhance your attitude and quench the thirst in your skin today.

Corrective Advanced

This is the final curtain, the big one. Give your skin the ultimate experience with this super effective facial today. You will leave rejuvenated, refreshed and clear in the mind.