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One treatment that is seeing a surge in popularity is tinting of the lashes and eyebrows. We are proud to offer this in a setting that is safe and inviting so you can have your treatments done by a licensed professional who will leave you looking and feeling your best. Although you may use mascara or brow liner daily during your makeup routine, you may not have considered having these areas tinted by a professional. There are many benefits to having this treatment, especially when provided by someone who has special training in this procedure. It is relatively quick and easy to do, and the convenience is immeasurable.
For starters, tinting greatly shortens the amount of time you spend on your daily makeup routine. You won't have to worry about using mascara, brow gel and other products to colour your lashes and brows. This can save you a lot of time, and also money over time since you won't have to spend it on replacing your products as often. You will also notice that you experience a look that is more subtle and natural than the result of most makeup products. Additionally, tinting is totally waterproof. Unlike mascara and liner, which can run when wet, tinting is unaffected by water

You can expect our tinting services to last up to 6 weeks, and then it can be reapplied if you want to keep reaping the benefits. We will help you choose a tinting colour that perfectly enhances your natural features. Some people have naturally darker colouring than others, while some have ultra-light lashes and brows that are barely visible. We will take into consideration your colouring so that we can choose tinting products to create a natural looking and subtle enhancement.

Rest assured, all the products we use are natural and non-toxic. We know your eyes are the most sensitive area of your body, so we only use products that are safe for use in that area.

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If you are interested in our tinting services, give us a call and we will be happy to make an appointment. During your first session, we will assess your colouring and match you to one of our tints for a natural and subtle look. You can choose to have your brows, lashes or both completed at the same time. While you're here, go ahead and schedule an appointment for your next facial, massage, body contouring or skin correction procedure. You can even create a full spa package that is coordinated to your precise goals and needs.



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